How To Become A Travel Blogger With No Money? (Free Travel)

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Travel blogging is something that brings new experiences in your life. If you love traveling and want to become a travel blogger then you must know “how to become a travel blogger with no money”.

I know when you are new in any field you may not want to spend your money. This is a situation many travel bloggers come across. 

When I started my Vlog channel and blog,  I was not ready to spend money as I was not sure whether I would achieve success or not. Hence, I decided to use the resources that I already have with me. 

I started this blog from my iPad. I had no money to afford a laptop in the initial days of my blogging. Right now, I have my own laptop where I write blog posts but still, I use my phone sometimes to write a post when I go out somewhere. 

And Yes, my writing speed is better on the phone than a laptop. This is what I noticed recently. 

Being a travel blogger you will find many ideas that you can use to get your blog up and running for free. 

You can invest money if you want to bring your travel blog to the next level. Many popular travel bloggers never spend a single penny on traveling. They connect with the brands and companies to sponsor their trips. 

If you want to get your trip sponsored then you need to become a popular travel blogger with big followings. 

If you are a beginner then you won’t get such an opportunity, to be frank. You have to prove yourself by achieving success and it is possible if you show a constant effort and give time for it. 

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How To Become A Travel Blogger With No Money?

Being a travel blogger, you must know how to start a blog. You can go for free blogging from or go for paid blogging where you will do many stuff to monetize your blog and make money. 

If your intention is to make money in the future from your travel blog then I would highly recommend you to go for WordPress blog and get hosting and domain name (blog name).

It’s not mandatory to have a computer, you can start blogging from your smartphone as well. 

Free blogging is good but it has some limitations especially in terms of monetization. If you are ok with it then you must go for it. 

Below are the points that will help you to become a travel blogger without money. 

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Cover Your Local Location 

Once you start your own travel blog, you can actually visit your nearby places and create content. You must start from your own location because you can share valuable information that your audience would like. 

Make sure to concentrate on the quality of the content as it shows how professional you are. This actually attracts brands and sponsors. 

If you are new to travel blogging and you want to do things for free then covering your local location could be the best option for you. You may not be required to do homework as you already know a lot of things. 

When I entered into Vlog, I started covering places nearby my location. I successfully published my first vlog without spending a single penny. 

Get Free Resources To Manage Travel Blog

There are lots of resources that are available online for free that actually help people who want to start something. You can later buy services once you start making money. 

Whenever I want to do something online, I always find free ideas and you know what, there are many free services that I am still using to manage this blog. This is because there are competitions within the agencies and hence they attract customers by providing free services. I literally take full advantage of such free services. 

I use many free plugins for WordPress, SEO services like Ubersuggest by Neil Patel, Mailchimp pop up services to create email lists, Google Analytics, Google Drive (to write content in docs) Google keyword planner and many more.

Reach Out To Brands Via Emails

Being a new travel blogger you must find ways to get your trip for free and for this you will need to approach many brands. 

Maybe some brands would be ready to sponsor your trip. They would ask you to cover some locations and create content like text, video, and images. Because you are a new blogger, you need to reach out to brands. Once you gain popularity, brands will contact you to promote them. This is how it works. 

While blogging you must do personal branding by gaining followers on social media. If you create content on a regular basis for your travel blog, then you may notice Google sending you traffic. 

While approaching brands via emails, you must take care of the message body. Show them that you can bring business to them. 

Show your work the way that they find you worth spending money on your trips. If you have good communication skills and have a creative mind then there is a chance that the brand will work with you. 

How Do Travel Bloggers Get Free Trips?

Many companies sponsor your trip and invite you to a location to create content for them as well as share it with your followers. They may also pay you for writing a post on your blog related to their brand. 

If you are a beginner, then connect with the brand and show them your content. If they like your content, then you most likely get free trips from them. They will give a list to cover the topic or services so that they can use it for their business. 

If you have a good amount of followings then you may easily get sponsorships for free trips. All you have to do is create quality content on your blog and do not forget to create a video for YouTube. This is very important as it indicates that you are a professional travel blogger. 

In Conclusion

Being a new travel blogger, you may think twice to invest money but in the initial days of blogging, you may not be required to invest money.

You can actually start to travel blogging with no money. There are many platforms that you can use to get started for free. 

But, if you are thinking of growing in this field and making money then I would recommend you start a WordPress blog and give a professional look to your profile. 

You can manage your blog from your phone. There is no need to carry your laptop everywhere. 

Showing creativity in writing blog posts can grab the reader’s attention and this helps to bring more engagement. 

Before ending this blog post, I would like to wish you the best of luck for your travel blogging journey. Have a great future ahead.

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