AWeber Review: Geneius Email Marketing Tool, Features, Pros [2021]

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If you are searching one of the most renowned email marketing software, AWeber is the true choice. The tool has been running for years now and has benefited tons of users from all over the world. Also, for your convenience, I have got you a complete AWeber review right in this article.

Currently, there are people who are searching for a good and reputed email marketing software. It comes with tons of features that can help you perform email marketing to an absolute level of perfection.

Hence, right now, let’s go ahead and unwrap a complete AWeber review, right in this article.

AWeber Review: What is AWeber?

Starting off with the basics, AWeber is one of the most popular email marketing software providers. Here, the company offers tons of features where they deliver 150 plus customizable email template options.

Additionally, it even allows the freedom to decide, when, how, and even where the emails are to be sent.

AWeber even offers each of the things you need for creating a successful email marketing campaign. Also, the interface from AWeber is a pretty simpler one where you will get one of the best solid support in this scenario.

Getting you a glance at the pricing, the cheapest marketing campaign from AWeber starts at $19 per month.

Also, you can try AWeber for a period of 30 days. Once you are fully satisfied with AWeber, then you can potentially go ahead and opt for their paid trials.

In terms of the background of AWeber, it’s a Pennsylvania based company that is performing email marketing since the year 1998.

The company is known for its autoresponders, good performance and the wide range of features they bring on the table.

Over 120,000 businesses and bloggers use AWeber which has helped them to grow their business.

Right from time-saving emails to industry-standard deliverability, AWeber has helped businesses to grow at a much faster pace.

Email marketing Oriented towards Small Businesses

Email marketing Oriented towards Small Businesses`

Developing a good personal connection between customers and your business is one of the best ways to build your business. With the help of proper emails, you will be able to respond the customers about current ongoing deals.

On the other hand, it even enables you to establish a personal connection with the customers. With this, you will be able to get real-time feedback and suggestion from the customers. This will eventually help you to improve your business position to some good extent.

Well, you know that email is one of the good ways to maintain and establish the business. Here, you can eventually maintain a personal connection with each of the customers in a lot better way.

As per different research, it helps to generate higher ROI which is another good thing.

On the other hand, if you will manually create and send individual emails, this process can be a time consuming one. This is where autoresponders come into play and AWeber as an email marketing app offers the same to good extents.

AWeber Review: What AWeber Does?

Well, as you know, AWeber is one of the best email marketing platforms that come with autoresponder capability. Plus, it eventually helps smaller businesses creating effective email marketing campaigns.

This boosts up engagement, sales, loyalty, and tons of more things.

Here, the company not only delivers over 159 customizable templates. But, they also offer a great deal of freedom for deciding when, how, and where the emails will be sent.

Take a Glance at the Top Features

Well, some of the most brilliant features of AWeber are as follows:

  • It comes with tons of integrations which makes using your favorite tools a lot easier
  • API is available for third-party apps
  • It comes with tons of customer service by live chat, email, and phone
  • Easy to use drag & drop builder which allows performing stuff without coding
  • Over 150 customizable templates
  • Powerful autoresponder features
  • Ability to tag different emails for creating triggers
  • Easy tracking analytics so that you can see what’s working
  • Highly deliverable rates

Sending Communications that is relevant to Individual

One of the best features of AWeber is that you can use it to send automatic emails.

For instance, you can even create a sequence of different emails that are times to be delivered at divergent intervals. This thing gets automatically sent to different website visitors that take different actions like:

  • Downloading of an e-book, white paper, or even research paper
  • Registering or completing a webinar
  • Signing up for email newsletter
  • Purchasing of product

Given certain examples, these things come with a welcome email as soon as a client signs up to your contacts. Plus, the thing is followed by an informatory email that discusses different products and the services to offer.

Additionally, you can even go ahead and create different series of purchase emails on the basis of products, each individual purchased.

You can even go ahead and create a series of different posts for emails and the users of the product have purchased.

On the other hand, you can even go ahead and create automatic emails that you can send to different customers as per your liking.   

All in all, with the help of AWeber autoresponders, you can engage with your customers in a lot better way.

Do more with your Sales & Integrations

AWeber Review

Going ahead in AWeber review, sales and integrations are two major factors  With the help of AWeber, you can easily integrate with your email marketing account along with different aspects of businesses.

Also, different integrations are vast where you get a chance to choose from call-to-action such as posting, email subscription forms, and many more.

Further, you even have the option to integrate with different social media accounts such as PayPal.

Well, some of the most popular integrations are as follows:

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Go to Webinar
  • Salesforce
  • Shopify
  • ClickFunnels
  • WooCommerce
  • Unbounce
  • Freshbooks

Creation of your Own Email Marketing App

Well, the platform gas also integrated the AWeber Labs which offers a much flexible and easy to use interface. Here, you can get access to some of the most powerful functions that allow you to create your very own email marketing apps.

Plus, this thing helps to fully optimize marketing strategies. With this, you can run an email marketing campaign, as per your needs.

Additionally, with the help of the API programming interface, you can use it as a managing tool. This delivers access to AWeber data that you can easily use to your advantage.

What I can do with the Contact List Management?

AWeber offers you a good list of segmentation that makes it pretty simpler for you to manage the contact list.

Sort & Categorize different customers for better Marketing

Going ahead in AWeber review, this feature allows to separately manage customers in different categories. This includes the value in your company, shopping habits, and for how long they have been doing their business.

Here, you can easily create different segments for your new customers, VIP clients, customers to whom you will source your products, services. With proper customer segmentation, you can perform email marketing to the best possible extent.

Also, right from the integration capabilities to the different list of segmentation features, AWeber offers tons of things.

Additionally, AWeber offers the smoothest of experiences that can help you manage different contacts, the smoothest way.

Try Before you Buy: Free Trial

Indeed, for any of the users, you will have to test AWeber and see whether this email marketing tool is a good one for you or not. Yes, the company does come up with a massive 30 days of the free trial period.

In the free trial, you are free to test the AWeber services in and out. Also, the free trial allows you to have up to 500 email subscribers and even allows you to send unlimited emails.

Additionally, the non-commitment package of AWeber offers the chance to cancel your free trial. Yes, even if you do not like the free trial, you can cancel it at any point in time.

Templates and Forms

Going ahead in the AWeber review, you can create some of the best templates and forms as per your liking.

In terms of template availability, AWeber offers a whopping list of 150+ templates. Here, you can easily customize each of the tablets as per your liking.

Additionally, AWeber even gives you the chance to build your very own email database. You can make use of 700 different sign up forms for creating an email address that is a good thing.

In this scenario, the form given to you will offer access to thousands of potential clients and can be placed on the company’s website.

Altogether, with such a wide variety of forms availability, you will not face any of the issues in complete form creation.

Easy Creation of Emails

AWeber Review

With 150+ email templates available, you don’t have to think even for a second in creating emails. Here, with such massive options available, you can create a different number of emails as per your likes and convenience.

All you need to do is to create emails and customize them the same as per your convenience.

Here, you can choose the template and then easily go ahead with the creation of emails.

Further, the available editing tools will allow you to upload different images to the template. Plus, you can add your company logo, move your content around, and even change the color scheme of the templates.

Opting-In to Email Subscription Lists

Now, whenever it comes to users for subscribing to your email list, there is much more to this process than just collecting the emails.

Once the decision here you can do is that you must implement the single opt-in process or even double opt-in the process.

Single Opt-In

Starting off with the Single Opt-In process, the user will sign up for your email list. This marks the end of the process where the users can opt-in in a wide number of ways. This includes using a custom opt-in form that you built right on your website.

Further, after you will sign up, there is nothing much users can do before they can easily receive those emails.

With this, the entire sign-up process gets completed without any sort of issue.

Double Opt-in

The Double Opt-in feature does add an additional step to the entire signing process. In this case, your user will easily opt into your list.

But, then, you will ask the users to confirm their subscription.

Further, this thing is done by bringing a welcome email that asks the user’s about their information.

After subscribing, the user has chosen to receive additional information from you.

Which Option is a Better one for you?

Well, regardless of the options you choose, you will have to deal with the ups and downs.,

First of all, the Single Opt-in is an easier option when we compare it with Double Opt-in. with single opt-in, your users will find it easier to subscribe, without any issues.

On the other hand, speaking about Double Opt-in, it ensures that the email you receive are double-checked and they are not sent by bots.

Also, the double opt-in feature prevents different sorts of spam emails that is another better thing.

However, you can even make use of tools such as BriteVerify that automatically screen outs fake addresses.

Additionally, it even eliminates the mistakes where individuals are signing up.

Also, as per the research, you will get a larger email list via the single opt-in when we compare it with double opt-in forms.

Single Opt-ins have further resulted in higher conversions when we compare the same with double opt-ins.

Therefore, regardless of the options you choose, AWeber supports the easiest of implementation where you will not face any issue.

All in all, it depends upon your level of understanding for which option you are willing to go for.

You can initially start off with the Single Opt-in and then choose the Double Opt-in option. With time, you will understand things and then do the same with perfection.

Improved Results with Split Testing

Improved Results with Split Testing

It is ideal to understand what works and what doesn’t with regards to your email showcasing endeavors, and one way you can assemble such data is with part testing (in some cases alluded to as A/B testing).

The idea of split testing is basic: you make two messages, and you arbitrarily send one email to one gathering of clients and the other email to another gathering of clients. At that point, you analyze the achievement paces of one or the other email by seeing measurements like:

  • Conveyance Rate: what number of messages effectively arrived at a legitimate inbox?
  • Open Rate: what number of individuals opened your messages?
  • Navigate Rates: what number of individuals tapped the connections you remembered for your email?

As you can envision, the achievement rates decay as you move from conveyance rate to open rate to active clicking factor.

In any case, such numbers, particularly when you are working with two messages you are trying one next to the other will give you an understanding into what works and what doesn’t.

While AWeber doesn’t deliver with a devoted component called “split testing,” it is genuinely simple to make your fragments (gatherings of clients) and convey altered messages.

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Aweber is known for its quality help, which is given by accommodating and well-disposed support who react to inquiries and issues expeditiously. Client assistance is conveyed through a few channels remembering live one-for-one help through email, telephone, and talk.

Email lines are open every minute of every day while telephone and live visit uphold are accessible Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. Aweber Live talk uphold is likewise given on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.


Likewise remembered for the assistance and backing office are:

  • Video instructional exercises on an assortment of themes going from account arrangement to incorporating your Aweber account with different apparatuses.
  • Live online classes that attention on instructing clients on all issues identified with email showcasing.
  • An information base with many articles on email promoting programming, investigating, among others.
  • Week after week writes offering email promoting exhortation and general tips.
  • Email advertising guides that can be downloaded as pdf archives.
  • Online media stages where you can post inquiries.

Take a Look at the Pros & Cons of AWeber

I have jotted down some of the best Pros and Cons of AWeber. Let’s go ahead and unwrap each of the Pros and Cons, one by one:


  • It allows you to create different email previews before you can actually send each of those emails out.
  • Gives the opportunity to create and edit different company newsletters
  • All the packages of AWeber come with the best of all features such as Call Loop. This feature collects the phone numbers of each of the subscribers and then enables people to send SMS along with Voice mail messages. This, you can send to almost all of your subscribers and those will be protected from spam too.
  • It provides spam protection for ensuring that the emails arrive at the pre-assigned destinations.


  • It does not allow you to import contact lists from each of the other providers.
  • AWeber offers a strict anti-spam policy which restricts from adding contacts that hasn’t send subscription confirmation.

Aweber Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Well, if you still have got questions, I have jotted down some of the most asked questions and answers.

Q1. Does AWeber offer a Free trial to access Features?

Yes, AWeber does offer a massive 30 days free trial where you can test and try each of the features. In this case, you can access almost each of the email marketing campaigns along with autoresponder features for the entire trial.

After the trial is up, you are free to test and try different features. Here, you can test and try the AWeber plans on a monthly, quarterly, and on annual basis to continue accessing each of the features.

Q2. Does AWeber deliver Good Analytics?

Yes, AWeber offers some of the best and detailed analytics you can ever find in other email marketing tools. This allows you to see the open rate, click-through rates, and many more things.

It even makes it much easier to take action on different stats as per your liking and needs.

For example, you can resend the newsletter to any of the people who don’t open the first email or even create a segment on people who have clicked on a specific link.

Q3. Does AWeber come up with a Drag & Drop Builder?

Yes, AWeber does come up with templates and the amazing Drag & Drop builder. With this, you can easily create beautiful emails that can help you in bringing the leads and sales. Plus, there is no need to have any sort of technical knowledge for using the editor.

Here, you can make changes to the logo, images, text & layout as per your liking. With the drag & drop builder, you have the power to design each of the pages solely as per your liking and will.

All you can do here is to use your imagination and make your emails, a lot interactive, better, and a good one.

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Final Word of Mouth: AWeber review

We have come to the ending phase and the complete AWeber review is right in front of you. Here, you don’t need to do much of the things and all you need is to easily go through the entire AWeber review.

Speaking about the features, AWeber offers tons of features that will compel you to love AWeber to the core.

In this case, you can first have an access to 150 plus templates. With a collection of such templates, you can easily design and create emails to an absolute level of perfection.

Here, choosing templates is an easier task where you can then use your creativity and design emails.

The emails you design must compel users to do the task they have the necessity to do. Plus, AWeber even offers the marvelous Drag & Drop builder. With the help of a builder, you can easily create email designs without the need for coding.

Additionally, it even offers autoresponders which you can use and expand your email marketing functionality.

Now, for the people who are eager to test AWeber, the company offers massive 30 days free trial. With the free trial, you can test and try AWeber services and once you are ok with the services, then you can go ahead and opt for the AWeber paid plans.

On the other hand, if you are someone who is willing to try AWeber, you can simply CLICK HERE. After which, you will be taken straight to the AWeber page.

From there, you can explore different plans, read Aweber review and see which are those plans that are a good fit for you.

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