11 Apps That Pay You For Walking Real

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It’s very important to stay fit and strong. Walking can help you have a healthy life. Many people use their phone or measuring machines to check the activity.

Recently, I have come across to the “apps that pay you for walking”

If walking can pay you every day then it’s a good deal actually. You just have a walk every day and stay fit. 

When I came to know that there are apps that pay you to walk, I started doing research whether it’s legit or not. 

After doing research on the internet, I eventually installed SweatCoin app that actually helped me make money fast for walking.

Once you start getting paid to walk, you will get a kind of motivation and make you walk even longer. 

In this article, I have mention 11 best apps that pay you to walk for real on a daily basis.

Apps That Pay You For Walking

There are people who are using paid apps not just for making some money on the side but to stay fit for life. 

You can redeem the earned money from walking and have fun with your friends on weekends. All you have to do is, just install the app on your phone and register yourself. Let the app run in the background so that it counts your walk and adds up money. 

1. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin app that pay you for walking

Sweatcoin is a wonderful app especially for the one who prefers walking. I am personally using it every day and earning Sweatcoins. 

You will find many options to redeem the Sweatcoins to money. If you want cash then you can get it into your PayPal account. 

It also pays for recommending the app to others. So, if you invite your friends to Sweatcoin then you will be paid around $1. The amount looks small but if you add up other earnings from Sweatcoin then you will see the difference. They come up with a daily bonus where you just need to watch the video ad. Once the ad is finished, your account will be added up with the redeemable coin/s.

You can also buy things from the Sweatcoin app in exchange of coins that you earned. I prefer donating to needy people. A small donation can make a change in other people’s life. You can also do the same for a good cause.

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2. Deliver Things To Get Paid

If you want to make money on the side, then Postmates can be the right choice for you. Postmates is actually a delivery service app where people order something from a nearby location. 

postmates fleet to earn cash

You will get a notification on your phone to pick up the order and deliver it to the person who ordered it. 

You do not need to pay from your pocket when you join Postmates, a payment prepaid card will be provided to you. 

You can turn your free time into money. All you have to do is, join the Postmates fleet and register yourself. 

If you want to work part-time in non-working hours, then you must work with Postmates and get paid to walk. 

When I met with the person who makes side income from Postmates, he explained the process. So, he gets ordered on his Postmates fleet app with the order items. 

He needs to buy things from the shop by using a Postmates card(looks like a prepaid debit card) and deliver the items to the customer. He makes extra money with tips from the customers. 

The payment gets credit directly to the account including tips (tips if a customer pays online). You can use your car or motorcycle if the shop is a little away from your location otherwise you can go on a walk. 


3. Winwalk Pedometer

Winwalk Pedometer is a free app that pays you for walking and running. The app records your steps and rewards you with a digital gift card like Amazon, Primark, Starbucks, Tesco, Xbox and many more. You can also redeem your reward to cash. 

You do not need to share your personal information like GPS, email id or phone number. It’s not compulsory.

The best part about Winwalk Pedometer is, they count your walking distance, Burned calorie, Gym, Crossfit, Treadmill, Shopping, Jogging, etc.

You can even earn extra for achievements, Mission, Surveys and referral. The app is user-friendly. It’s very simple to use.

4. Step Younger+

Step Younger+ is again the money-making app through walking. It tracks your distance covered while walking and running. 

You do not need to pick it up in your hand. Just keeping it in your pocket with a locked screen is enough. The app will automatically run in the background and count your steps. 

They also give you a chance to win prizes when you walk more. You can set your achievement goal like daily distance to cover, duration and so on to earn more rewards.  

If you are into sports, then it’s a must-use app. You won’t make a full-time income but it will motivate you to achieve goals and stay fit. 

To be honest, rewards are just for motivation. Yes, it will help you cover small expenses but not all. The whole aim of this app to let people stay healthy and earn from advertising. This is how they balance both.

5. Walgreens Balance Reward

Walgreens Balance Reward

Walgreens Balance Reward provides good reward points for walking. If you do visit Walgreen to purchase things then you can go for this app. You can actually save a good amount of money whenever you buy something. 

There are many activities you can do to earn Walgreen points like taking a healthy challenge, Prescriptions,  vaccinations, walking and many more. 

I would advise you to add your contact number and use it on every purchase so that you earn points for every purchase.

1000 points can bring you $1 saving to your shopping at Walgreen. The same way 2000 points can bring you $2 saving and so on. 

You will get 20 points for a mile walk and the limit is 1000 points per month. Simply sign up to the Walgreens Balance Reward app and link the fitness tracker. Explore the app to find more useful features that can bring savings to your pocket.  

Apps That Pay You To Exercise

If you want to stay fit doing exercise and get paid then you must have one of the apps from the below list. Due to the internet, it is possible for people to make money from doing various activities related to health and fitness.

6. Achievement

Achievement app that pay you to walk

Achievement is an app that pays you to walk, workout, swim, meditate, log food, post health-related posts on Twitter and many more. 

Over 3 Million have downloaded the app on their phone. You will be paid through points that are redeemable. You just do the activity on the basis of the Achievement app and start earning points. 

For every 10,000 points, you will be paid $10. You can transfer the money to your PayPal account, direct deposit, Gift card or donate for a good cause. The payment transfer takes up to 7 business days. 

The Achievement app basically conducts research to understand human health. Your health data can help medical centers to complete studies that eventually help people. 

So, you are making money from this app, but on the side, you are actually helping medical studies as well. 

Achievement is only available in the United States and you must be 18 years or older to redeem points. 

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7. HealthyWage

HealthyWage is specially built for the people who want to lose weight. You can actually win money for losing weight through exercising. 

The more weight you lose the more chances for you to win the prize. You can set a goal like how much weight you are looking to reduce. Take a challenge and see the estimation of how much you can make if you win the challenge. 

HealthyWage also asks you to select the time period you want to take to lose a certain weight level. 

All you need to do is keep working out for losing weight and get close to grab your prize money. 

8. Yodo

Yodo is a free app that helps maintain health. They pay on the basis of running, walking, hiking etc. 

If you are into sports then you would love to use Yodo. This app promotes sports activities. You can share your sports history and get rewards. 

They provide fitness incentives for Men and Women that eventually influence them to lose weight and keep themselves healthy and fit. 

Yodo has a real-time pedometer that calculates your steps by using their algorithm. You can set your sport goal and earn cash rewards. There is no cap on rewards; you can redeem points as much as you want. 

9. LifeCoin

LifeCoin is a perfect app to get paid for walking, running, hiking, or exercising. If you are looking forward to losing weight then you must try LifeCoin. You can set your goal in the app and once you achieve it, you will be rewarded. 

If you are thinking about exercising, then why don’t you join LifeCoin and track your health record. 

They record from tracking, pedometer, steps counter and activity tracker and reward you points on the basis of your history. 

LifeCoin only provides gift cards, Gadget, etc. you will not get an option to redeem the point to cash. So, if you are ok with the Giftcards then you can join the app and start doing activities.

They also offer referral rewards when you invite your friend to LifeCoin. The more points you gain the more gift cards you will get as a reward.

Other Ways To Get Paid To Walk

You will always find alternative apps to get paid to walk. If your intention is to make money in your spare time, then you must check the below app. 

10. DoorDash

DoorDash app

DoorDash is an excellent app especially for the one who wants to get paid in spare time. I have personally talked to the DoorDash driver and he is pretty satisfied being a DoorDash delivery person.

You will get a notification from DoorDash to pick up the parcel and deliver it to the customer. The money will be directly credited to the account including tip if someone gave. You do not need to collect money. It’s all online. 

Your DoorDash account will get you the details of how much you made a particular date. 

So, whenever you get free time, just open the app and mark your availability. That’s it. If someone order using the app nearby your area, DoorDash may select you for the delivery. If the shop and the customer are in walkable distance, then you can avoid using your car or motorcycle and save money by delivering parcels by walk. 

11. Rover

Rover app to earn cash for dog walking

If you are a pet lover then you must try Rover. Basically, you will be paid for taking care of the dog. 

The dog owners may not get time to take the dog for walking. You may be asked for a dog walking or playing. 

The Rover app will send you the details whenever they get a request from the Dog owner. You do not need to wait for the payment. Rover automatically transfers the money to your account. 

If you have experience in handling a dog then you must mention in your profile so that you get paid extra. 

You can select whether you want to go for Dog boarding, House sitting, Drop-in visit, Dog walking or Doggy daycare. 

You can set your own price for your service. People also review your service and once you get the good review, people will most likely hire you. Make sure that people like the way you take care of dogs and ask them to provide rating on the app. 

The more positive reviews you will get, the more chances for you to make money on a consistent basis. 

Is The App That Pay You To Walk Real?

Yes, the app that pays you to walk is real. you just need to register yourself to the app and start tracking your daily mile covered. 

There are some apps that allow you to set a goal and get paid once you reach the goal. you will get a kind of motivation when you set a goal for yourself.


You will find several apps that pay you to walk but you will not make much money for living. These apps are just to reward you some cash so that you will get motivation and get the power to cross your effort limit. 

If you want to earn money for a living then you can join DoorDash, Postmates and Rover app. These apps are for the one who wants to earn money in spare time. 

Walking on the street for shopping, going to the job or Gym can help you to make some real money from the walking app. The more you walk, the more cash you will make. All you have to do is just run the app in the background and enjoy the rewards. 

Moreover, I would advise you to use the app just for motivation and have a healthy life balance.

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