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Amazon regularly hires customer service virtual agents to provide the best service to its customers. 

You can also participate in the Amazon work from home customer service job position available in the Amazon network. 

They also offer part-time and full-time remote job opportunities for the people who seriously want to work with them and grow together. 

The earning could be between $15 and $18 per hour working as a customer service agent. 

All you need to have a good setup at your home so that you can start working right away. There are people who are working virtually from home as an Amazon customer service agent. You can be an associate, Supervisor, Team Leader, or Manager. Depended upon the experience. 

They do hire freshers who want to start their career in this field. And most importantly, it’s not a relaxed job. You will be working the way other people work in the office. It’s a proper job actually. 

Amazon Work From Home Customer Service 

If you are searching for work from home jobs then you would love to know that Amazon is one of the best company in providing virtual call center home jobs

Let’s see how much you can make in inbound or outbound calls jobs.

Amazon Customer Service Pay: $15 to $18 per hour.

Call Center Office Pay: $10 to $18 per hour.

Office or Hotel Receptionist Pay: $12 to $15 per hour.

Domestic Call Center Pay: $12 to $18 per hour. 

International Call Center Pay: $13 to $25 per hour.

Salary On Average, 

Part-Time Earning = 20 Hours Per Week X 15 Dollars Per Hour = $300 Per Week.

Full-Time Earning = 40 Hour Per Week X 15 Dollars Per Hour = $600 Per Week. 

If you have a computer, headphone at home with a good internet connection then you can go ahead with it. It is not difficult at all to work for Amazon. Yes, experience in customer service may help you get a good position at Amazon. 

Instead of opening offices in different locations, Amazon prefers to hire people online who are ready to provide services at home. You do not need to physically present at the office but you need to be available when there is a meeting through a video call. 

Your daily routine is to support the team with everything possible. Providing the best performance may help you to grow up in levels at Amazon. 

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How To Apply For Customer Service Job At Amazon

The way Amazon is growing, they are hiring people all around the world. You can apply online through job portals or visit their customer service (Amazon jobs) web page to check the Amazon remote job opportunities available and fill up the application form directly on the Amazon website. 

You will find multiple openings available in your country. Do not forget to mention your language proficiency. If you are good at your native language then mention it in your application. It will increase the chance for you to get selected for the job in your country as a customer service associate. 

The recruiter or Manager may schedule a video call interview before they select you for the position. 

Job Description For Amazon Customer Service

The job description depends upon the position you are applying for. You can check the below information to have a rough idea of what Amazon usually looks for in the resume. 

  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Good typing speed. 
  • Computer savvy. 
  • Excellent customer support especially in handling complaints. 
  • Quick customer query resolution skills. 
  • Able to handle irate customers and provide quick solutions. 
  • Proficiency in handling emails, calls, chats, queries, etc. 
  • Ability to empathize with customers and understand their needs. 
  • Good at navigating websites like Amazon and its competitors. 
  • Should be good at understanding the customer’s issues and come up with the best resolution.


You need to meet the minimum qualifications to increase the chances to get hired by Amazon. Though basic qualification requirements depend upon the location you are working in but you can have an idea of what they may expect from you. 

  • Complete at least two years in college or high graduate. 
  • Less than a year in the college with at least one year of experience in BPO/Call center. 


  • Good typing speed with correct grammar. 
  • Proficiency in speaking the required language. 
  • Should have knowledge in answering emails formally. 
  • Basic computer knowledge.

Work Virtually From Home

Working with Amazon, you will feel like you are actually working in the office. This is the actual job that will also add up to your resume. 

Virtual service agents usually connect through chat, IM, phone or emails. This works with both; team members and customers. 

In some positions, you may be required to create a performance report for the management. 

Having past experience in a call center or BPO can help you get the job in a quick time. You can simply register to the Amazon jobs and register yourself to access various positions available. You will be asked to answer some questions related to you before submitting the application for the job position. 

Just submit the application related to your field and once you get selected, they will start your onboarding process. 

You will also receive the confirmation email when you submit the application. 

Make sure you have all the resources available with you before you start working for them. You must have a computer, headphone, and an internet connection. Get a good internet connection because you may be required to make a video conference with the team and transfer files. 

Amazon Customer Service Salary

The Amazon customer service associates make around $15/hour. If you have a good experience in a call center then you may get paid even more. 

If you are new or have basic experience in attending calls or answering chats then you can expect the payment around $15 per hour. 

Your salary may increase as you start showing excellent performance. Your salary also depends upon the geographic location. 

If you are into tier 1 country then your payment may be higher than tier 2 country. This is due to the economy of the country. 

Types Of Amazon Customer Service?

Amazon offers both full-time and part-time customer service remote jobs. You can apply for the positions. Make sure you read the entire job description, skills required, basic requirements and all other information on the job page. 

You can expect a chat process, email process, inbound and outbound call process, phone chat process and Alexa. 

Some processes do have 2-3 processes combined like Calls and emails together or chat and emails together. You will find all the information while you apply for the job. So, check all the details and apply only if it fits best for you. 

Amazon Customer Service Job Alternatives

If you want to do something other than a customer service job then there are many other options you can choose to generate income regularly.

  • Amazon Flex – You can join Amazon Flex and start making money by delivering Amazon packages or Amazon Fresh (groceries) in your nearby locations. You can expect around $18 per hour working from Amazon Flex.
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) – Earn cash by completing small tasks. It can be short surveys, transcription, etc. You will be paid per task. The earning depends depend upon how quickly you submit the work. At normal speed, the speed you can expect between $10-$16 per hour. 
  • Sell Products On Amazon – You can join Amazon as a seller and start selling your own items online by listing it on Amazon. 
  • Amazon Associates – Start promoting Amazon products and earn a commission for each successful order. You do not need to buy any product. You just promote other products and get a commission. You can also start your own blog and start promoting the products through your blog. Many bloggers, including me, follow this process to make money from a blog. 

Problems With Amazon Customer Service Job?

  • While working from home you are into comfort space. You may not concentrate on your work due to disturbance. 
  • You will have to be available on the computer during the job time as you may be required to communicate with the team members while working. 
  • Your personal life may interfere in your work. So, it’s very important to balance your work and personal life while working. 
  • You cannot go unavailable often. This will create a bad impression on your management. So, you need to take this job as a real office job. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Does Amazon Pay You To Work At Home?

Amazon pays around $15 per hour for the one who works from home. You can even expect more than $15/hour pay if you have over 2 years of experience in a call center. 

How can I work for Amazon from home as a virtual customer service?

You can simply apply from job portals or visit Amazon jobs and register yourself. You do not need to pay a single penny. It’s free to join. Apply for the job positions directly from the website by submitting the application. 

Does Amazon allow work from home?

Amazon is growing and due to this, they need people to support the functioning of a business. They are now allowing people to apply for work from home for different positions that fit your profile. 

There are some countries where Amazon home jobs are not available but they are trying their best to offer a job in those countries. 

If you want to work as a customer service agent, then you can apply right away and start your onboarding process. 

There are some third-party recruitment agencies that assist Amazon hiring departments. You can also contact those third-party agencies for any work from home vacancies available. 

Amazon work from home customer service is a part-time or full-time job?

Amazon provides both part-time or full time. For part-time you can expect 20-26 hours per week. And for full-time, you can expect around 40 hours per week. 

While submitting the application for the job, make sure how many hours they are providing so that you can gauge whether it’s part-time or a full-time home job. 

In Conclusion

If you are good at communication and want to work from home then you can join Amazon customer service home job. It is similar to a virtual assistant call center job. You are actually assisting the company by handling customer queries or complaints over the phone, email, or chat. 

Overall, this is a worth joining job, especially for the moms and college students. I would recommend this job for the one who wants to earn a consistent income just by working at home.

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