Ahref vs SEMrush: Who is the Winner? Comparative Analysis

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Speaking about the battle of the two best SEO tools will bring Ahref vs SEMrush into the limelight. Indeed, these are two are the most popular tools out there that are being used by tons of bloggers, marketers, and companies.

Also, people often have confusion where they are not able to differentiate between the two. 

Thankfully, I have done a series of intense research where I have got for you an exclusive and in-depth SEMrush vs Ahref review

In terms of the current world, both these tools are ruling the SEO market where people are using them for various purposes. 

From my end, I am using both of these tools and each of them has got their own set of pros and cons. Still, you must note that each of the above tools come with a price tag. Therefore, if you are willing to rank on the first page of Google and have a budget, this article is the one for you. 

Quickly, let’s go ahead and unwrap the best differences of Ahref vs SEMrush, right in this article. 

Ahref vs SEMrush: SEMrush Review

First of all, talking about SEMrush, it was launched back in the year 2008 by a group of IT professionals along with SEO ones. Yes, each of them worked hard to convert their dreams into reality. 

After a decade, SEMrush has become a much powerful tool boasting of tons of features to enhance ranking.

Plus, SEMrush has been preferred by different sorts of digital marketers of the world. 

Right from Keyword research to different link building strategies, SEMrush has always been a go to tool. 

Also, with SEMrush, you can make changes to your website as per data and enhance the same to exponential heights. 

From my end, I started using SEMrush back in the year 2016 and was amazed by the list of features, the company offers. At that time, I was experimenting and ultimately SEMrush worked for my website. 

Hence, what actually started as an experiment made a website to grow with the help of SEMrush. 

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Ahref Overview

Ahrefs Overview

Now, coming at Ahref, it was launched in the year 2010, especially as a Backlink analysis tool. 

However as and when the time passed by, Ahref has become a powerful tool. In the battle of Ahref vs SEMrush, Ahref isn’t left far behind where millions of digital marketers, bloggers, and other people are using Ahref. 

Currently, other than backlink analysis, Ahref also helps to audit the website, perform keyword research, content marketing and offer plenty of more things. 

I started using Ahref back in the year 2017 and was amazed by the tool capabilities. Indeed, backlink analysis is the company’s major feature where you can also use other sorts of features too. 

What I really liked about Ahref is it’s easy to use user interface. Yes, the interface was pretty clean and everything was placed in the perfect way. 

Additionally, currently in the market, there is no other tool that can match Ahref when it comes to backlink analysis. 

As I stated above, Ahref as a tool introduces a new sort of feature every single time. They have become a full-fledged SEO tool where you can use Ahref for Keyword research for finding different keywords. 

However, does the fight of Ahref vs SEMrush become even better? Well, we are going to explore the same right in the below section. 

Let’s go ahead and unwrap an exclusive Ahref vs SEMrush review. 

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Ahref vs SEMrush: Keyword Research

Ahrefs vs SEMrush

Well, for any blogger or digital marketer, keyword research is one of the best things they can opt for. Yes, it’s one important aspect of SEO where it helps you to get a much proper understanding of the target audience. 

If you are someone who can understand the entire keyword research phenomenon, you can eventually rank on the first page of Google. 

Right now, both Ahref vs SEMrush has got the best of all keyword research feature. Each of them comes with keyword difficulty and every possible feature you might need for doing the keyword research. 

Let’s read ahead to find out which tool is better in the Keyword research section. 


what is semrush

SEMrush is a tool that is well-known for its keyword research features. Yes, SEMrush has done their best in the Keyword research department where they offer keyword overview report too. 

Plus, the tool delivers monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, PPC competition, top-ranking pages, Ad history, and many more. 

However, if you want to use the Keyword research tool from SEMrush in the best ever way, you have to use the given below tools:

  • Topic Research
  • Keyword Magic Tool

Currently, let’s first go ahead and take a look at the Topic research tool. 

First of all, the topic research tool helps you in generating different sorts of content ideas for tons of topics. 

Now, among the list of subtopics, the major ones include headlines, related searches, and many more. 

How SEMrush Keyword Research works?

How Semrush works

To begin, you can navigate to the topic research from the SEMrush dashboard and type any topic along with the keywords. 

After which, you can tap on the Get content ideas section from where you can generate different sort of subtopics. 

Plus, different trending topics are shown in card form where you can choose any topic and write content on the same. 

As you can see above, the SEMrush Keyword research tool is simply one of the best ones. With this, you can look at the keywords, their difficulty, and then go ahead to write contents on the same. 

Speaking about the second keyword research tool, the Keyword Magic tool is another better one. Yes, currently the tool supports 118 databases and comes with over 18.9 billion keywords. 

Overall, with the help of the Keyword Magic tool, you are free to find the best of all keywords and use them in the right way. 

In summary, the keyword research tool from SEMrush is one of the best ones in the market. It covers everything in the keyword domain where you can use SEMrush, search for keywords, and write content on the same. 

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In the fight of Ahref vs SEMrush, Ahref isn’t far behind when it comes to keyword research. Yes, the Ahref keyword research tool is also brilliant where it comes with tons of features. 

If you are looking the for the Ahrefs best alternatives or competitor, then the only thing come to mind is “SEMrush“. Basically they both are each other’s competitor and alternatives. 

Here, you can use the keyword research tool and generate thousands of keywords just from one seed keyword. Plus, Ahref has got a major library of keywords from where you can choose any keyword and write content on the same. 

Additionally, Ahref also delivers some of the most valuable metrics in the form of CPC, keyword volume, difficulty, and many more subtopics. 

Well, let’s go ahead and take a glance at how Ahref keyword research tool works. 

How does the Ahref Keyword research tool work?

Well, first you can visit the Keyword explorer tab and then go into the Ahref dashboard. Here, type your keyword right into the search box and then choose the location you need to target. 

After this, you can tap the search icon and you will see tons of keywords. 

Ahrefs keyword analysis

Now, here you will see the keyword difficulty along with volume, CPC, average monthly clicks ad tons of other valuable metrics. 

With all the above data, you will get a good understanding of that keyword and you can also determine whether to go for that keyword or not. 

Further, you can even tap on the view all option and see all the other keywords associated with your seed keyword. 

Altogether, Ahref offers one of the simplest keyword research interfaces where everything is organized in the best possible place. 

Plus, features from Ahref are also amazing where you can use the same and write your content in the best possible and perfect way. 

Ahref vs SEMrush: Which Tool is the best?

Now, if you are evaluating between Ahref vs SEMrush, SEMrush knocks Ahref right out of the park. 

And I am not saying that Ahref is a bad tool but SEMrush offers many accurate results when it comes to keyword research. 

From the keyword data end, Ahref shows search volume, clicks, CPC, and keyword difficulty. 

However, SEMrush takes such things a bit ahead and offers proper SERP results, competition density, and many more features. 

Another better point where SEMrush excels is its keyword volume. Yes, I have used both Ahref and SEMrush where I found SEMrush more accurate for my clients. 

Therefore, the clear winner in Keyword research has to be SEMrush. 

Winner: SEMrush

Ahref vs SEMrush: Backlink Analysis

For any blogger or digital marketer, link building is one of the most difficult things. Yes, it takes years for natural link building after which you can see some sort of organic traffic come to your blog or website. 

Plus, when it comes to backlink analysis, it gives you much more amount of data. With this, you can spy on your competitor’s backlink and see from where they are getting their backlinks. 

Let’s go ahead in this Ahref vs SEMrush where the next topic for debate is Backlink analysis. 


For a very long time, Backlink analysis has been the weakest point of SEMrush. However, back in the year 2019, SEMrush made massive improvements in their backlink department. 

Currently, the Backlink analysis tool from SEMrush has made massive improvements where they are offering essential backlink data to their users. 

How to perform a Backlink analysis?

In order to analyze different backlinks with SEMrush, you can enter the domain in the search box and tap on the backlinks section. 

With this, it will take a few seconds to gather data where you will see different backlink data. 

Here, you can easily see your overall backlink profile, number of backlinks, and even the referring domains. 

Plus, you will also get detailed insights about your links where if you can click on backlinks, you will see the number of referring domains for that link. 

Additionally, you are free to see other sorts of backlink metrics such as backlink types, images, link attributes, categories of subdomains, top anchors, and many more. 

In the same way, you can enter your competitor’s domain name in the search box and get results for the same. With this, you can easily spy on your competitor’s domain and get some of the best and useful insights on the same. 

Ahref Backlink Analysis

Well, speaking about the best of all backlink analysis tools will bring Ahref into the spotlight.

Yes, the Ahref site explorer tool offers you different sorts of data where backlink analysis is one essential feature. 

How to perform a backlink analysis?

Ahref backlink analysis

For this, you can navigate straight to the Site explorer from the dashboard and enter your specific domain. 

After you have pressed Enter, you will come across different sorts of backlink information. 

In this scenario, you can tap on the number of referring domains along with backlinks. 

Well, referring domain report is a lot important where it shows the number of websites that are linking to one domain. 

Here, you can click on “do follow” and then sort by DR to see some of the best authority websites. 

Plus, you can also make use of the Ahref ‘Site Explorer’ to look at the number of links that are associated with one domain. 

Altogether, the Ahref backlink analysis tool is a lot better where you are bound to get tons of backlink information. 

Plus, the data provided by Ahref is a lot accurate and you will not find any issue with the same too. 

Altogether, even if SEMrush says that they have a larger link index, it’s not the best of all parameters for backlinks. 

There are other parameters such as accuracy along with user interface that must be taken into consideration. 

Which one is better for backlink analysis?

Well, despite SEMrush making massive improvements in their Backlink tools, link building features, and many more, Ahref is still far better. 

Though SEMrush has got a much larger link index, Ahref helps you in obtaining the data in a far accurate way. 

Talking about Ahref, backlink analysis has always been their strong point. Yes, bloggers and other digital marketers make use of the backlink analyzer of Ahref and have gained benefits from the same. 

Plus, Ahref offers a true and uncluttered user interface which makes it much easier to navigate. 

Therefore, in the fight of Ahref vs SEMrush, backlink analysis is easily won by Ahref, without any sort of issue. 

Winner: Ahref

Ahref vs SEMrush: Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO is simply the process of indexing, Optimizing crawling along with rendering website for achieving higher search ranking. 

It’s one of the best and essential aspects of SEO people can get a much higher ranking by doing a technical SEO audit. 

Plus, SSL Certificate, Site structure, site speed along with XML Sitemap are other essential factors that affect the off-page SEO health. 

As and when you will perform technical SEO, you got to take a look at the weak points and fix those issues, as much as possible. 

Right now, let’s go ahead in Ahref vs SEMrush article and see which tool does a better job in the technical SEO section. 


One of the most frequent tools for checking the technical audit, SEMrush is a tool that is used quite often. 

Yes, SEMrush allows complete technical SEO audits where you can eventually check your website’s overall SEO health. 

Plus, SEMrush will offer you suggestions that you can use and fix your website’s technical SEO. 

Moving ahead in this Ahref vs SEMrush, SEMrush Site Audit tool comes with over 130 checks for different SEO issues. 

Such issue ranges from title tags, on-page issues, Meta descriptions, images, and other complex issues. 

Plus, SEMrush also addresses other complex issues such as page source code error, format errors, and many more of these. 

How to perform Site Audit on SEMrush?

Semrush Site Audit report

For running the Site audit with SEMrush, you can create a new project and tap on the “Set up” option. With this, you can enter your domain information and click on the “Start Site Audit” option. 

Thereafter, SEMrush will take a few minutes and will present it to you with suitable information. Now, the overall health score of your website depends upon different types of checks. 

These issues are effectively characterized by errors, warnings, and even notices. 

Also, you can see different sorts of top issues where you can then fix pages based on those issues. 

With SEMrush, you can get tons of insights regarding the technical SEO of a website. 


Ahrefs Site Audit report

Going ahead in this Ahref vs SEMrush, Ahref Site auditing tool is also a better one. Yes, recently, Ahref added its site audit tool where Ahref crawls pages on your website for over 100 issues. 

Once the tool has completed Auditing, Ahref offers a complete SEO audit. 

In this case, Ahref offers SEO health score, key data charts along with possible types of SEO issues. 

How to perform Site Audit on Ahref?

Well, Site auditing with Ahref is a lot simpler one. In this case, you can go into Site audit, then a new project, and enter your domain name. 

After this, you can wait for Ahref for crawling the website and check for different technical SEO errors. 

Even if your website has got a few pages, Ahref still takes several hours if you are willing to return with an audit report. 

Further, you can even log out of the dashboard and then wait for an email alert from Ahref. 

With email, you will be informed that the site auditing is complete and then you can look for possible fixes. 

Which one is better for Technical SEO audit?

Well, when it comes to the winner in the technical SEO audit section, SEMrush is a clear winner. Though Ahref offers good and accurate results and errors that are affecting your SEO, it takes a pretty long time for analyzing the website. 

On the other hand, the SEMrush Site audit tool is much easier to use, accurate, and even comes with additional features such as a historical chart, crawl comparison, and many more. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a better technical SEO audit tool, SEMrush is one of the best tools. They offer everything a person needs where you can effectively take their suggestions and perform a perfect technical SEO on your website. 

Eventually, as you know, a clear winner here is SEMrush where they offer a much better technical SEO Audit. 

Winner: SEMrush


Coming right at the concluding phase, you must have got a clear differentiation between Ahref vs SEMrush. 

Indeed, both the tools are good in their own aspect but SEMrush wins by 2:3. Yes, SEMrush is an older tool than Ahref where the company has enhanced its services from time to time. 

On the other hand, Ahref is also a brilliant one where they offer great backlink Analysis. Using Ahref, you can perform a brilliant backlink analysis where you can even spy on your competitor’s website. 

Plus, you can look at their pricing and analyse which tool will be the best fit for your website requirements clearly. 

Therefore, at this stage, you can easily go ahead and analyze both the tools. Eventually, based on your requirements, you can opt for any of the above tools, perform tasks and rank your website, the best ever way. 

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