Acorns Review 2020 – Income From Investing Spare Change

Acorns Review: Can you Imagine, your spare change can make extra money for you? Acorns investing actually help people to contribute as little money as they can to reach the financial goal easily.

You must be thinking how does Acorns work? Basically, Acorns invest your spare change in the high-quality index stocks and make your investment portfolio to meet your financial goal.

You can even earn from Stocks and create your side income in quick time.

Acorns is trusted by their 4,000,000 registered members.”

This is one of the best way to invest and make money without affecting your pocket.

Everyone must have had a piggy bank to save money, but here, you are investing rather than saving. 

The new millennial investing strategy – CNBC


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Learn how your spare change can get you financial freedom. Acorns is there for you to make the smart investing decision using small investment. Sign up for free and see how Acorns robo invest works. 


This Acorns review 2019 will get you through the important points and guides to make you understand how Acorns work.

How Does Acorns Work?

How does Acorns work

Do you visit a shop and buy a thing you want? Yes, right!

Suppose, you bought something for $3.75 at any shop or online, Acorns will automatically round-up the amount to $4.00 and invest the difference $0.25 to your investment account.

You must be having expenses like coffee, traveling, clothes, etc. Normally people do visit 3 times a day for buying things. In this case, you are investing $0.75 a day which equals to $22.5 a month. This money is going to your investment account.

So, every time you purchase, a small amount will get invested to your investment portfolio. Simple!

Here, you do not need to do anything by yourself. Acorns will do it for you.

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Acorns Review

Acorns Review

Acorns has made the investment simple for the one who has never been into an investment before.

There are factors that I am going to share with you that made Acons one of the simple and the better way of investing app.

There are several apps in the market that only opens your account and leave the investment on you, but Acorns understand users knowledge and hence they brought the ideas to guide the users on how to invest money like an expert.

You will be going to ask the style of investment that you would like to go for such as conservative, moderately conservative, moderate, moderately aggressive and aggressive.

Each style of investment has its own nature of income and risk factor.

Is Acorns Safe and Legit?

Yes, Acorns is truly a legitimate investment company. They are the well-known company in the financial market.

I have not seen any Acorns scam activities on the internet. They take care of their users invested money. Acorns app provide total protection to their users investment under SIPC insured account.

The financial managers in the Acorns company make sure to select the safest and the high possibilities assets based on their knowledge and experience in the financial industry.

How to Sign Up Acorns

The signup process is very short and simple, as Acorns made it user-friendly. It can be done on mobile Acorns app or a web browser.

You will be asked to fill up your email address and setup 4 digit password.

Once this is done, you will need to link your bank checking account for round-ups spare money investment.

Any debit or credit card linked to your registered bank account can be used to take benefits from Round-up investment. Acorns encrypt and protect your information with high-level security.Acorns app

Acorns Customer Service Review

When I was reviewing Acorns website, I did not find any challenges to find customer service or Acorns contact us page.

You can ask questions or any type of concern to their customer service agent. Reaching them is pretty simple.

  • Make a call (Get a contact phone/Fax number from the above Acorns contact us link.)
  • Fax
  • Fill up the one minute form and mention your query and submit. They will reach you via email or give you a call.

You can ask any investment related questions like college planning, retirement planning with Blooom 401k, financial planning, tax planning, insurance planning, financial coaching, estate planning and many more.

The customer service will guide you to make better investment decisions as per your financial goal.

Is Acorns The Best Investment App?

Acorns investing app

I wouldn’t say yes because there are investing companies like Swell Investing, betterment, Stash and Personal Capital are performing well in the market.

Acorns is recommendable is because they provide cheap services like $1 startup plan and provide the quality services under the guidance of investment experts.

There are investing companies who charge way more than this.

Acorns investing app has its own value in the market. They have a customer who like to start the investment with a small contribution.

Many other investing apps don’t have such an option. This is why the Acorns app is very popular for normal investors.

Acorns services is automated. You do not need to transfer the amount for investment. Just set the amount you want to invest every month. You can avoid this service if you want.

Investing only spare change on shopping should be the best start to get an overview on how to invest money.

Reasons To Join Acorns

Acrons Investment

Acorns will create your investment portfolio or give you an option to create portfolio on your own.

They invest your round-ups money to the high quality/dividend paying stocks. You can check your investment every day on Acorns App.

Swell investment company which is as similar as Acorns. Swell will help you to invest in high growth companies that solve global issues. If you are good at saving or not good at it. Acorns benefit both types of people.

Saving money is better than investing money, especially when you have an option like Acorns that you may never find this type of investing options everywhere.

Acorns will invest in high-quality stocks on behalf of you by financial experts. It is best for the one who wants to create their own passive income source.

You can start taking the benefits from Acorns spare money investment scheme when you link your debit or credit card to Acorns.

There are 4,000,000 people who joined Acorns to become financially stronger.

Acorns vs Stash vs Betterment

I will get you through the main points for these three investing apps by doing Acorns vs Stash vs Betterment comparison so that you will get the clarity of which one is better for your investment goal.

Acorns Comparison


Acorns is an investment app that provides features to invest your spare change while shopping. The spare change will be invested in the public fund with the systematic investment plans by experts. You will get more idea when you read my entire Acorns review.


Acorns has management fees that I find it worth if you are serious about investing regularly. The fees are $1, $2 and $3 per month. All the prices has it own features that I have discussed Acorns app pricing.


You can use Acorns using its Android app and iOS iPhone app.

Minimum Balance

It’s a zero minimum balance account. You can withdraw all your invested money when you need. Acorns will not penalize you for not maintaining a minimum balance.

Financial Education

Acorns provide free financial education to make you a financial educated and strong decision maker.

Stash Comparison


Stash facilitates user to set an automated investment which means you will set the amount which you want to invest. The company will deduct the amount and auto-invest in Exchange traded funds.


Stash has two plans. They charge $1 per month for invest and custodial account under $5,000 or 0.25% for the account over $5,000.

They also have a retirement plan that cost $2 per month for the account below $5,000 or charge 0.25% for the account above $5,000.


Here, Stash giving the same facilities what Acorns is giving. Stash is also available in the Android App and iOS iPhone.

Minimum Balance

You will need to maintain a minimum balance of $5 in your account.

Financial Education

Stash will give you a simple guide to keep you updated with current market trends and also test your knowledge with quizzes.



Betterment analyzes your financial situation and recommends what investment strategy fits to you. When you use the betterment app for the first time, the app will ask you some basic questions to understand your financial goal.

They provide a goal based investing strategy by applying precise wealth management and optimal behavior for a better outcome

Betterment can help you for your future plans like buying a house, saving for retirement, college fees, emergency fund or to create wealth and many more.

Betterment Fees

Betterment has two types of investment plans based on their investment sizes.

Betterment Digital Service: Betterment charge 0.25% which I find it very competitive in terms of services that Betterment are providing.

Betterment Premium Service: For premium service, Betterment charges 0.40% to the balance amount. You will need to maintain a $100,000 balance to avail this service.


Betterment has its own app for Android and iOs iPhone users. You can download the app from their app stores and sign up in a few minutes.

Minimum Balance

Betterment app offers $0 balance account on a digital plan. This plan provides great benefits to their users. If you have low investment plans then going for a digital plan is more than enough.

Financial Education

Betterment provides personal guidance to its users to set a perfect financial goal. They have their own tools and experts who help users on investment-related information.

Betterment provides a recommendation on the amount of investment and its risk level and also the type of account you should go for.

Acorns Investing Review

Acorns has many features that you won’t easily find in other investing apps. You will earn money from your spare change by investing it in public traded assets for sure but you should know the other valuable options/features in this app.

Yes, it’s true that Acorns is an investing app but you can’t ignore other features of Acorns like cashback on shopping, learning investment for free, portfolio creation, referral income, Gift card and many more.

When you enter into investing, you will learn many investment techniques and we should have at least some knowledge of investing our money smartly.

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Is Acorns Worth it?

It depends upon the type of investor you are. If you are looking to invest money consistently whether daily or monthly then you can go ahead with Acorns.

Not investing consistently with Acorns will not give any kind of value to your investment. The earning may not give you a larger impact on the return. Investing less means lesser returns. My aim to create an Acorns review is to show you a clear picture so that you take the right investment decisions.

If you are making at least $15-$25 then $1 Acorns fees is justified.

Students can use this app service for free. They can take benefits from Acorns for without any charges.

Acorns is worth only if you keep track on your investment flow which means you need to check whether you are investing a good amount of money or not.

Investing $5-$10 a month is not worth investing. You need to understand what is your financial goals and where you want to reach at a certain period of time.

How much you need to invest today that will meet your future financial goal. You will get the guidance in the app or else you can reach out to Acorns customer care.

Lastly, Acorns is worth using the App only if you invest at least $25 dollars a month.

Where Acorns Invest Your Money?

Acorns follow Modern Portfolio Theory for better income results.

They diversify your investment into different asset classes within the Exchange traded funds like stocks(large to small size companies), Real Estate, corporate & Government bonds and emerging market.

Diversified style of investment is followed by many great investors and they made a huge fortune in the stock market. Acorns will do all these for you.

The father of Modern Portfolio Theory, Harry Markowitz is involved in creating the investment portfolio for Acorns members.

When you join Acorns, you will be asked to select a portfolio out of five different sub-portfolios such as conservative, moderately conservative, moderate, moderately aggressive and aggressive.

See the portfolio segregation below.

Portfolio Stock % Bond %
Conservative 20 80
Moderately Conservative 40 60
Moderate 60 40
Moderately Aggressive 80 20
Aggressive 100 0

Each portfolio has its own weightage in stocks and bond.

High weight on stock investment has a high income, but high risk. 

High weightage on Bond investment has high safety, but low income on the investment.

Both has its own benefits. You need to select which one is best for you, or else leave it to Acorns. They will analyze your current status/profile and get you the right portfolio for your investment.

How To Create Your Portfolio For Round-up Investment?

Acorns will ask you some basic question to understand your financial goal for the future.

The questions can be related to your saving goals, age, income, time of retirement, etc.

Based on the information, Acorns will recommend you the best portfolio that you should take to meet your goal.

You can also choose the portfolio on your own. It’s up to you. But, I would advise you to select what Acorns recommend you. Later you can change your portfolio if you didn’t like.

Acorns will also show you the diversification of your investment as per portfolio selected.

See more stock investing apps.

Acorns Stock

Acorns app invest in large cap and small cap stocks for both domestic and international companies.

They do invest more in reliable and growth shares for higher earning. You will not see the earning boost overnight. It is always said that you need to be patient in the stock market.

Acorns invest your money over six exchange-traded funds with low-cost iShare and Vanguard partner.

If you are interested only in shares then you can go for Aggressive portfolio and have your money invested in stocks.

However, I would advise you to keep this as a side earning and let your money grow itself.

Acorns App for Android and iPhone

Acorns app is available for both Android and iPhone.

You can download Acorns app for Android phone from Google play store and Acorns app for iPhone from the App store.

You can download the app for free. You will be asked to pay only if you want to use the Acorns app paid services.

It’s a user-friendly app for both Android and iPhone. You won’t find challenge in navigation. The app will itself ask you the question so that they can advise you what type of investment portfolio will be suitable for you.

What’s Next In Acorns Review?

Once everything is done, you can check the performance of your portfolio during the stock market working time.

Moreover, you will be able to see how much round-offs were contributed to your portfolio and how they are performing.

Additional Features You Must Know

There are other additional features that make Acorns all in one app. It will help you with money in different ways and you should be using it all the time.

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Found Money 

Acorns have a partnership with many big brands who provide cash back directly to your linked bank with Acorns.

To get cash back on purchase on any items, simply open the app and select the retailer.

Retailers who partnered with Acorns and providing cash backs are Walmart, Airbnb, Apple, Nike, The Wall Street Journal and many more(big brands).

You will receive 1-2% of cash back from the retailers.

Acorns Gift Card

You can give Acorns gift card to your friends or relative and make them aware of Acorns investing ideas.

Acorns is a very good platform to start investment journey in a unique and systematic way.

Acorns app should be there with the people who do not have time to spend more time to create their investment plans. A gift card by you can give them a chance to understand Acorns.

Acorns Round-Up Multiplier

If you like the round-up Acorns investment idea and want to invest more in it, then you can use the multiplier option to boost your contribution.

In this option, you can multiply the round-up contribution by 2X to 10X.

For example; if your round-up contribution goes to $0.25 and you want to invest double than actual round-up, then you can select 2X multiplier option and get $0.50 invested to your investment portfolio.

10X is the maximum limit to multiply your round-up contribution. You can also choose direct deposit, if you want to invest more.

Now it’s up to you, how much you are ready to invest through Acorns and create your passive income from Acorns investment.

The more you invest, the faster your wealth will generate. This idea is good to reach your financial freedom and stability.

Acorns Spend – Acorns Debit Card

Acorns have a debit card facility where you can keep your money and use it for purchase.

The advantage to use Acorns debit card is, when you purchase anything, the money will be round-up on the spot. There will be no delay in round-ups like other bank’s cards.

The Acorns checking account provides facilities such as zero overdraft charges, unlimited ATM usage and zero balance account.

Acorns Later – Retirement Plan

If you want to invest something for your retirement to see good money with good returns in the future, then Acorns has an option called Acorns later.

You can now create your own Individual Retire Account(IRA) or roll over your existing IRA or 401k to Acorns. They have their dedicated team to help you out.

It’s a great investment plan especially for the young people who can invest little portion from their savings.

Direct Deposits

You can set an auto deduction for a specific amount from your account to invest regularly through Acorns.

Acorns will automatically deduct a certain amount which will be agreed by you and invest the deducted amount to your selected investment portfolio.

This is for the one who wants to invest little extra for extra income.

Acorns Savings

Acorns automatically collect your spare change and invest that money when they get add up to $5.

You do not need to invest your time in saving money. Acorns App is automated. With Acorns, you will be taking full advantage of two important tasks which is saving money and investing it into the high-quality stocks.

So, you will be saving as well as making money from it.

I believe we must have savings for our future that make us strong in a hard time. Everyone wants a better life and saving plays a most important role in this.

A tiny amount of money each day that will not affect your present but may make you a financially strong person. This is how Acorns helps users in making better tomorrow.

How to Withdrew Fund From Acorns App

You may be wanting to withdraw your earned money on Acorns or you may require some funds to pay your bills or expenses.

In Acorns, it’s easy to withdraw your funds/profit and get it transferred to the checking bank account which is linked to Acorns.

The withdrawal process takes 5-7 working days. You can request for withdrawal at any time, there are no charges on withdrawing funds.

Acorns Pricing Review

Acorns is completely free to join.

To get started, you will be asked to make an initial investment for your portfolio.

The Initial investment is $5 which will go directly to your investment portfolio. It also activates your account for other free benefits like trading, transfer, etc. They have some low-cost premium plans which is $1/month plan. This plan is free for college students.

There are other low price plans that cost $2/month and $3/month, but it comes with a great feature which is value for money.

Let me explain to you about plans in detail.

Acorns Core ($1/month plan)

Round-ups investment, Create your smart portfolio, Found money facility.

Acorns Core + Acorns Later ($2/month plan)

Acorns Core features + Individual Retirement Account(IRA), Recurring Contribution, automatic updates and IRA & 401k rollovers.

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Acorns Core + Acorns Later + Acorns Spend ($3/month plan)

Includes all Acorns core and Acorns later features + Real-time Round-ups, custom spends strategies, automatic retirement savings, Direct deposits, mobile check deposits, Fee reimbursement ATMs, No charges on overdraft & no minimum balance on acorns debit card account.

I believe this is one of the cheapest plans for investment and other money-related benefits.

There are companies in the investment industry who charge in percentage which eventually become an unaffordable fee. So, it’s a great price opportunity that Acorns is giving to the new investors.

“Note: The $1/month plan is free for students.”

Acorns Invest Performance

In terms of performance, Acorn is pretty simple to understand. Acorn investment planners has made such a diversified and simple investment structure that anyone can easily understand where Acorns is investing your money.

They invest in companies and funds that are publicly traded and it’s easy to check their performance.

The Acorns investment performance is also based on what type of portfolio you choose to invest.

Conservative has less investment in stocks but high investment in bonds which means your investment has low risk but low return.

On the other side, Acorns also has an aggressive portfolio option which gives high risk, but high return. The moderate portfolio is the balance between conservative and aggressive portfolio.

Each portfolio has its own performance level.

Acorn keeps an eye on stock performance and follow the sell at high and buy at low concept. Majority of the time they sell the stock as soon as they get a 30% increase in the stock price and buy the shares that are cheaply available in the market.

Buying a stock at a cheap price lowers the risk of investment, but the proper analysis is a must before buying any stock at a cheap price.

This is how Acorns makes investment decisions and successfully make a good return on investment.

Learn Investment with Acorns App

Investing is not an easy task to perform and for that, you need to learn how to be a professional investor.

You can learn to invest using Acorns App when you start working on it. You will get the various investment-related topic to learn like stocks investment, saving, money 101, spending, a smart investment and many more.

You will grow your money knowledge as you grow your money. Having better knowledge about investments is very important. Acorns makes it easy for its users in every aspect of investments.

Apps Like Acorns

There are some apps like Acorns that are giving tough competition. You must check some apps that provide auto investing facilities to the investors.

Below are the reputed investment companies like Acorns app who will help you in making better investment decisions.

  • Betterment
  • Digit
  • Robinhood
  • Wealthfront
  • Qapital
  • Stash
  • Vault
  • Clink
  • Sigfig
  • WiseBanyan

All these apps has its own features that makes investment easy. You first do the research and then take the decision which one fits best for you.

If you wanted to go for robo investment, then I would recommend you to check Acorns and Stash and get the ideas of how robo investment works.

Acorns Review: Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons is the most important information for anyone who wants to take a step ahead. You must be aware of what suits you and what not.


  • Acorns is an automated investment service that minimizes the effort of investors. You do not need to be 100% active in making investment decisions.
  • Acorns has its own investment managers who takes diversified investment decisions. They are well qualified to take financial decisions that maximize the returns and minimize the risks.
  • Your money will be invested in small and large size companies, Corporate & government bonds, real estate, and emerging market. Such diversified portfolio protects from high loss in the volatile market.
  • It has an option to auto-invest on buying things from retail shops. The app round off the amount and difference will be invested directly to your investment portfolio.
  • The Acorns app service is free for college students and others can start a service for a minimum of $1 per month. This is one of the cheapest service I have ever seen.
  • Get cash back on shopping from your favorite retailers like Amazon, Walmart and many more.
  • You can invest a small amount of money so that it will not affect your pocket.
  • Acorn suggests the best portfolio as per your financial situation. You also have an option to select your portfolio.


  • There is no fixed rate of return promised by Acorns. The return can be high or low depending upon how the market is performing.
  • $1 per month service can become costly if you invest a lesser amount like $10. For the better return, you should continue investing a small set of amount regularly.
  • Acorns app has limited asset diversification.

My Thoughts On Acorns

Acorns is completely a legit company.

It is best for students, new investors and the one who has a small amount of money to invest.

As Acorns is managed by highly qualified financial experts, your spare money is in the good hand who can create a regular income on your investments.

You can buy a $1/month plan which is a lot lesser than a cup of coffee at the restaurant.

Acorns automatically round-ups to your spare change and get it invested to Index fund. You do not need to do anything.

If you have bigger plans for investment, then you can go for a $2/month plan which is again a very cheap, but best services.

A $1/month plan is free for college students. They can take full advantage and plan their investment for financial freedom at an early age.

Acorns is the platform who takes a small amount of money each time you go to the shop and you don’t even notice that your round-ups money has been taken by Acorns and invested in your portfolio.

The small amount of money one day can become huge money in your investment portfolio.

Sign Up for Acorns and Start Earning Money from Today Plus Get $5 Bonus.


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