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Hey There,

This is Ezaz Shaikh, the Author of Two Million Ways (twomillionways.com).

I am here to share my ideas and experience in Personal Finance, How To Guides, Latest tips and so on. 

You will be going to Learn:

  • Personal Finance
  • How To Guides on Technology
  • How to Make Money?
  • How to Save Money?
  • Money Management.
  • Business Start-Up Techniques and Many More.

The day when I started writing for this blog, I felt like not to go ahead with blogging, because I found it too boring.

But somehow I manage to post over 50 articles. And GUESS what happened?

I started getting visitors and appreciations. My subscribers list growing day by day. This made me not to take the step back and keep growing in blogging.

Ezaz Shaikh

I had completed my MBA in Accounting & finance from London(U.K) and now I am blogging to help people find different options to make, save and manage money.

As soon as I wake up, my first task is to research things online to find the latest, cool and genuine stuff to write a blog.

Now, my main aim is to bring this blog to the next level(Advanced).

To be honestly speaking, I do make money from this blog, but I always make sure to recommend genuine and helpful products/services.

My earning comes from affiliates.

There are many other ways where I can make money from this blog, but right now I am busy in research & development.

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“Do not give up on your dream.”

You just need to do things in the right way, That’s it!

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