A2 Hosting vs Hostgator: The Battle of the Best [2021 Updated]

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If you are someone who is new to the online or even blogging industry, you might find a need of a good hosting service provider. Further, to help you find the right host, I have got you a clear cut comparison of A2 hosting vs Hostgator.

Yes, each of the above hosting service providers is a brilliant one and they offer quality hosting services, every single time. Additionally, they offer some of the best and quality features that can help you tons.

Plus, right in this article, I will let you know the best of all features offered by A2 hosting vs Hostgator.

A2 Hosting vs Hostgator

Starting off with the basics, we will first talk about Hostgator and then go ahead with the A2 hosting.

Over the years, Hostgator has made their name in the hosting industry where they have made their name in the hosting industry.

Yes, even in terms of technical and reliability support, Hostgator has achieved tons of power and trust.

Also, the company was founded back in the year 2003 and since then, they have offered the best and quality services.

Hostgator as a company powers tons of websites and even in the pricing section, pricing is affordable too.

On the other hand, if we speak about A2 hosting, this company also offers some of the best and quality hosting services.

Yes, the company delivers quality hosting services and have been doing the same over the years. Even in the uptime and speed section, A2 hosting has done wonders.

Hence, right now in this A2 Hosting vs Hostgator review, let’s go ahead and dig deep in this section.

History of Hostgator

A2 Hosting vs Hostgator

Well, the Hostgator company is Texas, US-based company that was founded back in the year 2002. Currently, the company offers almost every type of hosting ranging from dedicated, VPS hosting to reseller hosting and many more.

It was founded by Brent Oxley who was a student studying at the Florida Atlantic University.

From there, the Hostgator company came into existence and till now, the company has powered millions of websites.

They have made name for themselves and are offering hosting services to tons of clients.

History of A2 Hosting

a2 host

Moving ahead in A2 hosting vs Hostgator review, A2 hosting is yet another company that was launched back in the year 2003. Yes, the company has got its headquarters based in Ann Arbor that is in Michigan US.

In this scenario, the primary goal of this company is to offer outstanding hosting services to each of the users.

Here, they offer almost every type of hosting services ranging from dedicated to VPS and even shared hosting.

Even in terms of the pricing, the same for every single plan has been on the better end.

You can freely opt for any of the plans and you will get the best pricing, in every scenario.

Today, the company powers more than one million websites across the globe. With such numbers, you can be sure that will always offer quality services to their users.

A2 Hosting vs Hostgator Performance

A2 Hosting vs Hostgator

Well, going forward in the performance section, this is among the top class and most important things.

Here, if you will take a closer look at the performance of both companies, you can see that each of the companies was designed to offer good performance.

Speaking about Hostgator, this hosting service provider targets offering the best of all performance in the price tag.

Yes, the company makes use of some of the very fast servers. With such faster servers, there is no need for you to do much.

Here, you can do is to select any of the Hostgator plans and the company will offer you world-class hosting support.

On the other hand, the company does offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee to each of the users. In this scenario, you can get quality hosting services and servers that can make your page load, quite faster.

Also, the company ensures that your website will run all day long and you don’t face any of the issues.

Additionally, moving ahead in the A2 hosting performance section, the company does offer some of the fastest servers.

A2 Hosting vs Hostgator

Here, A2 hosting makes use of SSD which gives an uptime of 99.99%. This ensures that your website is up and running, most of cases.

Plus, to make hosting faster, the company makes use of the SSD storage along with the CDN network combined.

This helps to lower the website content and makes website loading, a lot faster than usual.

The thing that makes A2 Hosting Stand Out

Well, there is one thing that makes A2 hosting stand out which is the A2 hosting optimized plugin for WordPress. Yes, with the help of this plugin, you have the power and freedom to help in compression along with caching and ensure that things move at a better place.

Also, this thing is very helpful especially if you are someone who has the will or you are about to use those WordPress plugins.

Plus, installation of such plugins is done at a faster pace which is another better thing.

Therefore, in the performance section, A2 hosting is a clear winner and you can use A2 hosting if you are thinking about performance.

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A2 Hosting vs Hostgator Security


Additionally to the top performance offered by both the companies especially A2 hosting, security is yet another major concern. In this scenario, if a web hosting service provider isn’t offering the best of all security, each of the things can go in vain.

Further, comparing A2 hosting vs Hostgator in terms of security, each of the hosting service providers delivers brilliant security.

In this scenario, with A2 hosting, the company makes use of one of the strongest security approach. This takes an all-round proactive method that identifies and clears the threats before any sort of attack.

Additionally, the company makes use of advanced security protocol which includes server hardening. This helps remove almost all of the viruses and threats, without any issue.

Plus, A2 hosting delivers dual firewall, brute force detection that ensures that client file remains free from any sorts of brute force.

Further, speaking about other security features, this includes encrypted SSL certificates, patch-man enhanced security tools along with free Solid State Drives.

On the other part, Hostgator makes use of a redundant network that comes up with multiple layers of network security.

Yes, this makes it difficult for attackers to gain access.

Additionally, it even makes use of RAID -10 storage for data protection which makes use of disk stripping along with mirroring.

Plus, this method helps you in protecting the user data from attacks that encrypt data and demand ransom or even simply destroy its system.

On top of that, the raid system requires four discs that hold website data in pairs.

As long as one of the disk mirrors is functioning properly, it will always be possible to retrieve data, as per your advantages.

Customer Service Review

Customer Service

Going ahead in A2 hosting vs Hostgator review, customer service support is something that is among the top class things.

In this scenario, if any hosting service provider isn’t offering better customer service support, things can become detrimental for you.

Here, speaking about A2 hosting vs Hostgator hosting service providers, each of them delivers some of the quality hosting services.

First of all, we will talk about the customer support services of Hostgator, the company delivers quality customer support services.

In this scenario, if you will test Hostgator customer support services, you will not face much of the issues.

Here, the company does offer almost every type of customer service support. Ranging from phone calls to live chat and email support, Hostgator delivers the best of all and brilliant customer support.

Additionally, with the help of different customer support platforms, you can opt for any of them.

Right from calling to live chat and even email support, Hostgator delivers quality support, every single time.

On top of that, I tested the customer support of Hostgator and got amazed by the results.

In this scenario, I tested the phone call support of Hostgator and everything went as per expectations.

The support staff was quite polite and he listened to my queries, without an issue.

With this, I can say that the customer service support of Hostgator hosting is one of the best.

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A2 Hosting Customer Service Support

Customer Service review

Moving ahead towards the next set of customer service support, A2 hosting is another better company.

Yes, with A2 hosting, you are bound to get almost every type of customer service support.

Here, you can get access to phone calls, email, or even telephone support too.

Plus, personally, I tested the live chat support of A2 hosting to see how this hosting service provider performs.

Well, as soon as I contacted the customer support of A2 hosting, I was amazed by their response.

In this scenario, the executive was supportive and he resolved my queries to perfection.

Hence, at this stage, you can easily follow up with the downloading and installation steps.

Then, you can go ahead and use customer support to resolve your issues.

Verdict on Customer Support Service

Now, in the customer support service section, both companies offer brilliant customer support.

In this scenario, if you are thinking to choose a hosting service provider based on customer service support, you are free to choose any of them.

Additional Features of Hostgator

Going ahead among the top class list of additional features, Hostgator as a hosting company offers tons of them.

In this scenario, it offers all of the essential features you need to kick start off the journey of your website.

Here, such features include unmetered bandwidth, 1-click installers, website builders along free marketing credits.

Plus, even if you will avail the company’s starter plan, you will get access to some of the world-class features from the same.

With this, in the additional feature services, Hostgator delivers class features, in every single scenario.

A2 Hosting Additional Features

Moving ahead in the A2 hosting vs Hostgator review, A2 hosting also comes up with some of the best and valuable features.

First of all, if you are someone who needs to test the hosting, A2 hosting offers 30 days of free testing period.

During this period, you can test A2 hosting and if things go well, then you can choose any of the plans.

On the other hand, A2 Hosting does offer different types of hosting options. In this scenario, you are free to choose any of the options solely as per your convenience.

For example, with the company VPS plans, the company does offer unmanaged servers or even managed ones as per your liking.

Also, they also deliver SSD, core services that can potentially help you to advance your website performance to some good extent.

Money-Back Guarantee

30-Days Money back guarantee

Yes, there are tons of users who would like to test the services before they can actually choose the same.

In this case, both A2 hosting vs Hostgator companies does offer a brilliant money-back guarantee.

Here, with the money-back offering you are getting from both the companies, things can become a lot easier for you.

In this case, you can test and try both A2 hosting vs Hostgator services and see which company is the best of all.

Further, you can start off by testing Hostgator services and see if the same is offering valuable features or not.

If the answer is yes, then you can continue by using those services.

If not, then you are free to start testing other hosting services.


Time to First Byte Test (TTFB Test) – (A2 Hosting vs Hostgator)

TTFB may be also referred to as Time to the primary byte is a measure of the time taken by the primary byte of knowledge to be received by the client after an invitation is formed to the server.

The main purpose of completing this test is to work out the info transfer speed of the server between the client and itself.

Slow TTFB time means the server isn’t fast enough and this will harm your website loading speeds significantly.

In this test, only the minimum time taken is taken into account because it is required time to determine a connection between the host and therefore the client. the info loading time may depend upon the dimensions of the web site and therefore the speed of the web connection too, therefore it’s not considered here.

TTFB may be a standard way of testing server speed but there are certain things to stay in mind which may affect the TTFB timings –

TFFB results should be conducted multiple times to urge a far better idea of the server connection speeds.

The TTFB time also depends significantly on the geographical location of the server and therefore the client. The closer they’re to every other the lower the TTFB time is going to be.

In this section, we’ll be comparing the TTFB time for websites hosted on A2 hosting also as Hostgator.

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Final Word of Mouth: A2 hosting vs Hostgator

We have come to the ending phase of the article and the A2 hosting vs Hostgator review is all here.

Yes, both the companies are brilliant ones and each of them offers world-class quality features.

Now, speaking about the Hostgator hosting company, it has been in the hosting industry for years. With this, you can expect that they will offer you one of the best support.

On top of that, Hostgator does come up with one of the best customer support. With such support, you can easily contact the support system and get each of your queries answered.

Plus, even in the performance and uptime section, Hostgator uptime has always been above par.

With such uptime, you don’t have to think much as the servers of Hostgator company perform, to the best possible extent.

On the other hand, if we speak about A2 hosting, it also offers quality hosting, in every scenario. Here, with A2 hosting, you don’t have to do much where you can easily go ahead and look for different plans.

Additionally, with A2 hosting, the uptime and even the performance has been above par. With this, you will get advanced level uptime in most of the cases.

Plus, you will also get 30 days of the money-back guarantee. With such money-back guarantee support, you can test and try A2 hosting services.

Right now, you have the power and freedom to select and choose different hosting services.

Then, you can easily go ahead, choose any of the hosting service providers, and increase revenue, in the best possible way.

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