1&1 Hosting Review: Discover Features, Benefits, Plans, Discounts [2020]

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Well, currently there are tons of companies that are offering hosting services. However, not each of the companies is good where you got to do research on every single company. Thankfully, for users who are looking for an affordable yet quality driven company, 1&1 hosting can be one good one for you. Additionally, I have got for you the best of all 1&1 hosting review.

Speaking about the 1&1 hosting, it’s a total expert in offering domain names. Yes, they offer quality and low-cost domain names where you can even try their best of all hosting.

Currently, the company is hosting millions of websites like BlueHost Hosting where their services have always been loved by the users.

With this, let’s take a leap ahead and understand every single thing about 1&1 hosting right in this review.

1&1 Hosting Review 2020

Speaking about 1&1 hosting, let’s first understand this hosting. In terms of roots, 1&1 hosting is one of the oldest hosting service providers that are available in the current market. Such sort of hosting from them includes Shared, ASP.NET, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and many more.

On top of that, 1&1 hosting as a company offers top-class services to people ranging from beginners to advanced level ones. Therefore, people of every experience can opt for 1&1 hosting where they will get the best of all hosting features.

Considering all that, we can say that the hosting company has been running for over 20 years. Although, it’s not as popular as another hosting, it’s still one quality one in the market.

Also, as per my experience, I am amazed by 1&1 hosting where their lists of features are absolutely amazing.

Let’s go ahead and first take a look at the pricing of 1&1 hosting.

1&1 Hosting Review: Pricing

1&1 hosting review

Well, starting off with the pricing of 1&1 hosting, 1&1 hosting comes with three types of plans. Here, first, we will talk about the shared plan where it delivers plans in three categories.

The first plan from shared hosting comes at the price of $4 per month. This is one of the most affordable pricing you will ever get in the market where you can even go for the other higher-priced plans.

Let’s understand the differences between each of the plans where then we will go ahead with the features section.

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Essential Plan

The essential plan from Shared Hosting comes at the cost of $4 per month. Yes, you get to host one website with this plan and you will also get 10 GB Storage, 10 email accounts, and 10 databases.

Business Plan

Coming down at the Business Plan, this plan comes at the price of $8 per month. With this, you get a chance to host 5 websites which is an amazing thing. Plus, you also get 100 GB Storage, 25 email accounts, and 25 databases.

Expert Plan

This type of plan is the best of all for larger projects. This plan costs $14 per month where it can easily host 50 websites without any sorts of issues. Plus, you also get 500GB Storage, 500 email accounts, and 500 databases.

Plus, right in the Expert plan, you get Site Lock along with Malware protection which is another fantastic thing.

Well, aside from the Shared Hosting plan, the 1&1 hosting company offers some good sort of other plans too. However, the company has got a massive user base towards the shared plan.

Users are using the shared plan and are getting a good set of benefits from the same.

1&1 hosting review: Features

Well, if you have understood the pricing of the Shared hosting plan from 1&1 hosting, now, we will go straight into the features section of 1&1 hosting.

1&1 hosting User Interface

Yes, whether it’s any sort of hosting, user interface matters in almost every single scenario. If the user interface of a hosting service provider is clean and tidy, people will face absolutely no sort of issue in any case.

Additionally, if the users find it easier to access the c-panel, they can quite easily do all of their work in the best possible way.

Coming down at the 1&1 hosting, they don’t have the traditional Cpanel. Instead, the company uses a custom made Cpanel which is quite easier to use.

Yes, even while browsing, you will find no sorts of an issue where everything will be easier, in every scenario.

Even while uploading the websites, 1&1 hosting offers the one-click installation. Therefore, in this case, you can easily make use of the WordPress platform and install websites in one click.

As and when the time will go ahead, you will get used to with the 1&1 hosting Cpanel. Although it will take time for you to understand their Cpanel, you can easily understand the same, without any sorts of issues.

1&1 hosting review: Scalable Performance

1&1 hosting review

Well, users are eager to get the best of all website performance where when it comes to 1&1 hosting, the company never fails to live up to the expectations.

Yes, this type of hosting service provider delivers the best of all performance where you will get an increase in the performance of the server in just a few clicks.

Plus, moving ahead in this 1&1 hosting review, the company follows the HTTP/2 network protocol that ensures that the performance is bang on point.

On top of that, the HTTP/2 network helps to effectively optimize the web and even helps in reducing load times along with making pages much easier to display on every single browser.

Well, with the help of HTTP/2, not many websites hosting providers are using the same. Therefore, as and when the numbers are increasing, we will see a rise in websites using such a sort of protocol.

Additionally, the host delivers a free SSL Certificate to each of the clients that adds an extra layer of security.

Hence, when it comes to 1&1 hosting, their set of scalable performance has always been above par. With this, you can easily rely on this hosting where their websites will deliver blazing fast performance.

1&1 hosting Overall Performance

Now, speaking about the speed of websites, this thing matters a lot to internet users. Almost every single person wants blazing fast speed where the 1&1 hosting company delivers the same to its users.

Here, the company has got its data centres in most parts of the world. With this, people will not face any sorts of issues when it comes to hosting websites on the 1&1 hosting server.

However, if you are someone who wants to go for shared hosting, the company doesn’t really offer the server choosing option.

Still, their set of chosen servers is the best where you will get the finest quality servers.

Most commonly, 1&1 hosting offers USA servers that are all reliable and fast. Therefore, you won’t face any sorts of issues with 1&1 hosting and performance will be pretty much top-notch.

Host Speed in Low Upkeep

1&1 hosting review

Well, before my 1&1 hosting review, I decided to test the speed of 1&1 hosting. As and when the results came, I was not really surprised. In this scenario, I created a website where there were a simple picture and a few lines of words written.

After this, I tested the website speed and it came out to be fairly decent. In this scenario, I got a much better speed where the ping went from 300 to 500 ms which is not bad.

Plus, the website loaded fast and I didn’t face any sort of lag issues in any case.

However, when it came towards testing from the Singapore server, I faced a few issues. Here, the ping went to 700 ms but after some time, the same became stable.

Overall, the complete website uptime and speed have always been on the decent end.

1&1 hosting Website Builder

1&1 hosting review

Well, before we can start off with the 1&1 hosting website builder part, you must know that the website builder isn’t included in the hosting part. Yes, if you are willing to opt for a website builder from 1&1 hosting, you got to pay around $4.99 each month.

Yes, with this, you can opt for the website builder at one time and create your website, to the best possible extents.

Here, the website builder from 1&1 hosting comes with plenty of options. In this scenario, you can use the website builder from 1&1 hosting and get access to tons of value-added features.

Using the builder, you can effortlessly create websites as per your liking where all you need is to pay $4.99 per month.

On top of that, even if you don’t want to use the 1&1 hosting, you can either make use of the Divi Theme.

Yes, this theme comes with a pre-builder where you will get tons of theme options to choose from.

All in all, the 1&1 hosting website builder is a brilliant one that comes with plenty of them building and theme options.

With this, you can easily choose the website builder and create your website, the best of all way.

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1&1 hosting review: Overall Uptime and Response Time

1&1 hosting review

Well, going ahead in this 1&1 hosting review, the uptime or response time from any server is one of the most important things.

When it comes to server uptime along with response time from 1&1 hosting, I tested a website using 1&1 hosting server.

Well, I performed the testing and was pretty much amazed by the overall results. In this case, the website gave an overall stability performance where the ping was around 200 to 300 ms.

With this, you will get a stable performance whereas the uptime will be around 99.98%. This sort of performance is absolutely stunning from 1&1 hosting where you will not face any sorts of issues with 1&1 hosting.

However, there can be very few times when your website might face some sort of downtime. Still, this is pretty rare where you will get the best of all server performance from 1&1 hosting in every single scenario.

1&1 hosting Customer Service Support

Coming straight down towards the customer support section, it’s one of the most essential parts. Yes, for any hosting company, this section determines whether the company will stand strong or will go straight into dust.

Well, like most of the hosting service providers, 1&1 hosting delivers 24×7 customer service support along with articles, tutorials, and many more.

In the case of articles, they are put into different categories from where you can easily resolve the issue on their own.

In this 1&1 hosting review, the company also offers live chat support where you can communicate with the staff on 1 on 1 basis.

Not only that, but 1&1 hosting also delivers email support along with phone support where you will not face any sorts of issues in 1&1 hosting.

Well, to evaluate every single thing in customer support, everything has been explained as follows:

Phone Service Evaluation

It takes around 2 minutes to urge connected to an agent. that’s one among the higher results from all the hosts tested. Sadly, the praise stops here.

The agents lack tons of public knowledge and after asking simple technical things (i.e. “What are the shared hosting server locations?”) I used to be transferred to a special agent.

Such a thing was nearly a rule, with me chatting with 2 or maybe 3 agents during one call. The transfer times took around a moment or two also which was pretty decent.

For easy questions, including billing or plans, 1&1 phone support has been pretty good. Just don’t expect to urge the answers you did not find in its knowledge domain.

Chat Service Evaluation

When testing the chat service, I always check out three things. First one is wait times – the shorter is my wait, the higher is my day.

Then, I checked out the knowledge of the agents. This one is clear – I hope for the representative to understand more about the services than I do.

Going ahead in this 1&1 hosting review, finally, I evaluated the human factor. The more courteous and familiar the representative is, the higher are the chances user will feel satisfied. We all hope for the people working in customer support to be as pleasant to speak to as possible.

This part of the 1&1 review is devoted solely to talk service: so let’s examine how it does!

Email Service Evaluation

During the live chat, agent Darrell offered me to contact the 1&1 IONOS email support – I’ve done just that.

It is great to ascertain companies still providing email support which is useful if you’ve got some serious technical problems.

Often companies prefer to provide ticket support but it’s commonly available just for the registered clients.

 Within the case of this host, email support is out there for everybody. This is often how 1&1 email support handles technical questions:

Going ahead in this 1&1 hosting review, overall, it took from 10 to twenty hours to urge a solution, which may be a decent result. Beat all, email service seems to be the simplest thanks to receiving technical support. It is available for everybody and is pretty quick.

Overall, I found the email support to be decent from the hosting service provider. Though they took some time to respond, the company came up with precise answers based on my queries.

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1&1 IONOS anti-theft protection

1&1 IONOS anti-theft protection

For the ultimate test, I’ve attempted to steal my very own account.

Plus, for the primary part, I’ve attempted a brute-force login. For that, I logged out, changed my IP, and incorrectly guessed my password multiple times.

If 1&1 has some kind of a security system implemented, I used to be alleged to be unable to urge into my account even after finally ‘guessing’ the password.

Going ahead in this 1&1 hosting review, it took only 10 attempts for 1&1 to clock that something was wrong. I used to be locked out of the many any longer attempts and this screen opened.

That means if someone tries to use brute-force software to realize access to your account, they will not be allowed to do the same which is a pretty much good thing.

Then, I made a decision to select the primary offered option and make a call – the system immediately connected the dots (presumably, from my previous brute-force attempt) and asked whether I used to be writing about the hacking problem.

I was connected to Barry – a true gentleman, I will be able to add. He listened to my acting performance and reassured me that it’s getting to be okay and that I will get my account back.

After multiple questions (I only told them the e-mail) I used to be guided through the 1&1 website until I made my thanks to the Account Change Request form.

All in all, there are many security mechanisms implemented into 1&1 so as to assure the security of your account.

There’s a really low chance that some ill-meaning people are getting to get into your account. On the opposite hand, if you’re getting to run into serious verification problems, it’s getting to take a short time to urge everything back.


  • Scalable Performance

1&1 hosting delivers scalable performance in every single scenario. Yes, ranging from the uptime to website speed, everything was bang on point. Even after multiple tests, I found no issue with the hosting performance where everything ran at a smoother pace.

Plus, the company has got their servers deployed in different locations. With this, you will get a complete power-packed performance where you will not face many issues with overall uptime from the company.

  • Pricing is Affordable

Coming down in this 1&1 hosting review, pricing has always been one of the biggest highlights from 1&1 hosting.

Whether you are going for the company’s shared hosting plan or even VPS one, the pricing has always been towards the affordable end.

On top of that, if you are someone who thinks of long term hosting, you will get additional discounts on the same from 1&1 hosting.

Overall, Pricing has always been effective from the company where you can go ahead and choose any of the company plans.

  • Good customer service support

1&1 hosting customer service support has always been on point with each of the customers. In this scenario, whether you want to talk with them via phone call, email support, or even chat support, the company support system has always been the best.

Additionally, the company also offers a good set of guides along with tutorials. Here, you can easily follow those tutorials and understand the cause of your issue.

Thereafter, even if you don’t understand the solution, 1&1 hosting customer service support is at your back.

You can ask help from them at any point in time and will be ready to help you, in any case.


  • The panel from 1&1 hosting can be a little difficult to use
  • Company doesn’t have their servers installed in most parts of the world


Coming right at the concluding phase of the article, you must have got the complete 1&1 hosting review.

Indeed, among different types of hosting services available in the market, 1&1 hosting is a hosting company that can be the best one for you. Plus, if you are someone who is looking for a quality and affordable hosting service provider, 1&1 hosting is the best one.

Additionally, the company offers some of the best plans for new users who are willing to start their blogging journey.

On top of that, even if you are an experienced person, 1&1 hosting does offer you good plan options to choose from.

What’s more? The performance from 1&1 hosting has always been impressive. After a series of testing, I got 99.98% uptime. This is a fantastic thing for any person who is willing to get a far better uptime for their websites.

Therefore, if you are someone who is willing to go for the 1&1 hosting plan, you can CLICK HERE and you will be taken straight to different plan page.

Indeed, each of the plans from the hosting company is good where you won’t face many issues to choose brilliant one.

From there, you can analyze different plans, see which one is the best of all, choose that plan and host your website, the brilliant way.


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